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WeIP Service explained

The Goals of WeIP Service

We improve the survival of humanity and all lifeforms on earth. That means the suvival of humans but also of life in general in all it's forms as plants and animals and also the preservation of the earth's resources.

We want everyone to have a chance to survive, that everyone can get an education according to /herhis talents. Like that everyone can work for the survival of himself and his family. We also ensure that sufficient jobs are available. What seems natural for rich industrial countries should also apply to the rest of the world. That is enough clean water and food, education and training, access to information, communication, energy, and a government that provides for the welfare of all its citizens, equal treatment before the law, respect for human rights and respect for humans.
The desired standard of living in freedom and prosperity must not come at the expense of other life and the wasteful consumption of resources of this planet. Therefore, we summarize our goals in a broader context for all life on this planet. Habitat and species diversity of plants and animals are also included.

In order to get closer to this ideal, we need resources and money. Instead of begging for donations, we and our partner companies provide services and products cheaper then usual, making it worthwhile for them to pay an annual member fee, which is used to finance large projects.

Through targeted assistance we can improve your life and provide protection. Considered holistically, the different services and aspects of our cooperative will lead us towards the promoted goal.

Legal form of WIP Service cooperative

Cooperatives have a long tradition. Together they worked on one thing, everyone contributes and everyone is also beneficiary of the fruits.
The WIP Service has to embody in it's basic organizational structure the idea.
The appropriate form of enterprise is a cooperative.
WIP Service means spelled out:
We International Private Service.
WIP Service cooperative is the legal name. The cooperative was founded under Swiss law, is publicly registered and can be viewed by anyone under: There you look for CH-Nummer: CH-

Membership of the Cooperative

Not the capital commands over the fate, as in a public company, but each member of the cooperative with his one voice. Therefore, the cooperative is in it's basic structure a democratic institution. With your membership you can use the services of the cooperative to your advantage.

Use of the net profit for purposes of encouraging good

30% of the net profit are used for following long-term purposes:
The establishment of stable living conditions for all, Conservation, compliance, protection of fundamental human rights, Promote responsibility and respect for humans, animals, plants, planet and resources, Promotion of partnership, family, community, Promotion of publicly open and truthful uninfluenced information and publications and press freedom, Promotion of uninfluenced science and technological know-how, Promotion of education, Training and business start-up and thus, the ability of people to earn their own basis for life, Promoting and ensuring a safe means of communication in crisis, Promoting safe mobility of people and goods in crisis , Promotion of decentralized, environmentally friendly and risk-free/low-risk energy production from longterm available natural resources without the risk of shortages, Promotion of of clean drinking water and wastewater disposal, health, hygiene and healthy nutrition.

Explaining Name "WeIP"

The legal name is WIP Service cooperative. It is derived from the originalWeIP, the brand name: "We Internationl Private Service". As a private organizationwe can be flexible and ready, can provide immediate help to where it is needed. "We" means just what it sais. By this we mean WE just the many ordinary people together.

About our world

For the first time in the history of mankind there is growing general awareness that we are one big community, that prosperity, human rights and democracy should apply not only to a select few. Inspired by events with global implications, people begin to understand that certain events affect all markets, the economy and practically the entire population of earth. A global awareness is growing. We want to do our part to ensure that this and future generations have a chance to survive, to further develop intellectually, spiritually and materially and learn to overcome their own mistakes. All aspects of our contemporary society, science, technology, politics, must be transformed so that we can survive long term. Our approach starts with individual people, not in the mass. At the foundation of our societies and our future, the individual human being. We emphasize the individual person. This in contrast to the opinionthat individuals are just cogwheels in the whole machinery, replaceable at any time. We believe the individual is the whole. If we degrade the people to slavery, to cog in big gears, things start to go bad somehow. There is no one left who really cares and assumes responsibility.
Only free, independent and responsible people with dignity, self esteem, confidence and pride keep society together. Not because they must or it is their "job" , but because they want it out of inner drive.
For the future and the survival of humanity and the respect for life, we have decided to do something instead of just watching and commenting. And so we founded the WIP service cooperative.
We improve the decisive factors, which represent key positions. The things that make the difference between survival and extinction. This we do with various services and projects which exactly target those crucial points.
Since we are not a government agency, we can be active as a private organization and respond quickly. We can project off the ground and offer better options. At certain places in the world it is the only option. The sponsorship of a needy child, or the construction of a hospital in the bush are very commendable and deserve our respect. We believe crosslinking among the various factors, conceived in global terms has a better chance for lasting impact.
Where sudden, catastrophic events come upon, people need protection. This also relates to insidious destruction, epidemics, war or by political and economic disasters.
With our services, we improve the chances of survival and protect where necessary. Therefore our motto:

Improve - Protect - Serve

About the Logo

The five pointed star is an ideogram throughout the world, also called pentagram. It is the simplest form of star shape that can be drawn in one go - with a single line - therefore it is sometimes called the Endless Knot. It has long been believed to be a potent protection against evil and demons, a symbol of safety. For that reason we take the symbol in this protective sense and use it as part of our logo. (Ideogram: A graphic symbol that represents an idea or concept.
Pentagram: comes from Greek, meaning roughly "five-lined" or "five lines")

10. Oktober 2010

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